contract-outsourcing-ammc   For companies that require continuing use of associates, Contract/Outsourcing Services are the way to go.  Outsourcing contracts can be complex affairs, but a good outsourcing contract will examine service level agreements, penalties and rewards, timeframes and measurements, regular reviews, and exit strategies.

How do I get started with outsourcing contracts?

It is a good idea to clearly define the scope of the outsourced operations beforehand, to have a good idea what exactly the service provider is doing, and what is left to your business.

Striking the right outsourcing deal also comes down to having the right legal agreements at the core of a contract, so it is worth getting the right advice.

AMMC Can help setting clear, Fair and well negotiated contract.  Our Specialist will define the full extent of the services that are to be delivered and service provider responsibility.

What do you need to know about service level agreements?

Service levels are formally agreed targets which the service provider must meet, and the list can be as long or short as the user organisation requires.

AMMC can help creating detailed schedules, with the point being that neither side can be in any doubt as to what is required of the service provider.

Our specialists will negotiate service levels so that both parties can benefit from all outsourcing contracts fundamentals in addition AMMC team will help describing all deliverables and expectations of the service provider, and the reporting methods for service level measurement.  In addition, they may include potential penalties or benefits if requirements are or are not met.

How do I terminate or end a contract?

It is vital to have a well thought out termination or exit strategy from the outset, and to have options to continue after the end of the contract’s term.

Termination conditions cause frequent disputes, particularly if there is a transition and handover period between two service providers.

AMMC can help in defining Options to consider as break clauses, which allow either party to end the agreement early.  In addition, we can help creating contingency plans in case either party is acquired.

AMMC team feature specialized industry knowledge and deep connections to locate top available resource.  Our database of qualified resources means we offer rapid response to your requests, and our proprietary acquisitions process ensures you of qualified contract outsource and ensured outcomes.

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