Why Outsource?

Outsource your non-core tasks and get access to specialized skills and services.  Save on money, time, and infrastructure.  Give your business the competitive advantage.

Outsourcing brings a host of advantages

  • Save big!  Take advantage of the cost benefits
  • Get access to specialized services
  • Reduce time to delivery, benefit from time zone advantages
  • Scale operations up or down without the hassle of hiring and training
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to high quality & fast delivery
  • See an increase in your business


Make faster deliveries to your customers and see your business grow.

AMMC Outsourcing is your Technology Business Outsourcing partner.  We provide the local market with our excellent best practices in the areas of IT application, development, management, data security, business process, and analysis.  With extensive experience developing successful outsourcing engagements for the world's largest companies, we are committed to bringing that service excellence to the Business community where a handshake still means something.