Computer breakdown... Redundancies... Fire... traffic accidents... pollution incidents... unwanted takeover bids... fraud... extortion… security infringements… sabotage or terrorism... product defects… industrial injury or death.

These are some of the crises and disasters you may one-day have to deal with. A robust crisis plan and a trained crisis management team will ensure that you limit the damage to your reputation should a crisis escalate.

Successful management of a crisis is about recognizing you have one, ideally when it is merely an issue that needs dealing with. When a full crisis hits appropriate action needs to be taken to remedy the situation – but also you need to be seen to take action and heard to say the right things by all your stakeholders.

A strong and positive communications strategy is the single most important aspect of a robust Crisis Management Plan. AMMC provides training and consultancy solutions to help you plan for different types of crisis, thus helping to ensure that you are prepared should the worst happen.

AMMC can cover every aspect of Crisis Management from drawing up your crisis plan to assessing and coaching your crisis management team and testing out their media handling skills through rigorous journalistic questioning.

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