Creating commercial advantage from technology


AMMC Consulting Group provides technology consulting services to support clients in realising value from technology and assisting them at every step of the way in delivering technology-rich programmes. Whether it be business start ups or multi-national firms who are looking to exploit new technology-driven opportunities, AMMC's technology consultants provide an unmatched breadth of technology consulting support.

Our technology consulting services include:

  • Supporting clients in opportunity identification and business planning: Creating and communicating a clear set of goals and objectives is key to getting functional and cross functional alignment. AMMC has extensive history and data enabling us to predict, more reliably, 


development costs and timescales. By achieving this, the ability of the business and the project team to track and manage progress and to meet targets is substantially enhanced.

  • Providing technology and insight-rich programme management: Our experience shows significant value is gained by combining programme management skills with technology insight. Such an approach helps clients:

         - Identify new lateral and serial opportunities and therefore maximise commercial potential and improve return on    

         - Identify technology and scale up risks and develop appropriate mitigations, thus avoiding late phase project 

          - Improve overall speed to market and add significant value and product/service differentiation to the final solution.

  • Assisting in the identification, evaluation and engagement of supply partners: Selecting “right-sized” partners and understanding how and when best to engage with them can make the difference between a smooth and problematic scale up. AMMC’s work in this area frequently utilises a combination of AMMC’s technology experts and supply chain consultants to provide a fully rounded and informed view of fit and capability. In addition, AMMC’s extensive internal resources and facilities can fulfil short term development and supply needs, allowing our clients the freedom to contract with partners who may be better suited to their medium and long business aspirations rather than their short term needs.
  • Designing for manufacture and scale up: No matter how good your product is, to realise commercial and sustainable success it is imperative to keep an eye on the “Bottom Line”. Unfortunately many businesses fail as they do not manage the cost of goods from day-one which is dangerous when you accept that 90% of the cost of goods of a product is determined in the first 10% of the development process. The result of considering scale-up too late and addressing costs within the constraints of the launch design, results in a less competitive product. This is particularly evident in markets for which there is a significant regulatory hurdle associated with change. AMMC uses its extensive experience of product design, design for manufacture and cost-out to help clients identify and address cost drivers at an appropriate stage of development and scale up.

With our combination of technology, strategic and operational consultants, AMMC provides an insightful, risk-based approach that can support decisions that effectively manage risk and deliver cost effective, capable solutions.

To find out how we can help you create commercial advantage from your technology programmes, please contact us now .