Connect with Software Expertise Providers

Why choose AMMC to help you find optimal Software, or vendors?
Developing Software specific expertise to leverage for advice and analysis can be time consuming and costly. With AMMC you'll immediately be able to gain access to subject matter experts in different Software packages. Whether your project requires an audit, technical support, training, troubleshooting, market research and industry insight, industry best practices or specialized technical advice you can get started right away.
AMMC also provide insight on software licensing and its trends, and answered questions such as:
How can companies can optimize the software inventory and save money?
Is it better to depend on a single vendor for all of IT needs vs. multi-vendor?
Should companies manage the procurement decisions at home office globally, or should they do it at regional subsidiary levels?
Is it better to go with bundled procurement (hardware and software together from an OEM) or an A la carte model?
What are the pros and cons of different approaches in procurement?
To help you get answer for above question or develop expertise in specific software, please contact us.