Providing effective Information Technology security and risk management


Following a series of high-profile cyber attacks and data losses, CIOs are under increasing pressure to implement effective information security and resilience. Despite this, securing appropriate investment can still be difficult and an independent view is essential to educate decision makers with a business case based on verifiable data. Then, when investment is secured, knowing where and how to prioritize and focus activities is critical.

AMMC Consulting helps clients in both the public and private sectors to manage and control the strategic, tactical and operational security and risk elements of IT. We offer a market-leading, complete information security, risk and resilience service providing everything from strategic advice to deep technical insight.

Our services include:

·         Security strategy, leadership and governance – coaching and advising our clients, ensuring they have a properly informed, with clear accountability and responsibility

·         Information assurance, including ISO27001 audit – supporting compliance, identifying areas for improvement and delivering improvement plans

·         Technical security services, from penetration testing to forensics and secure coding – practical help with implementing and testing security solutions to ensure confidence in your controls

Most importantly, we recognize that an organization’s technical measures do not provide effective security if it does not also address the people and physical security issues. We know from experience that most organizations have good processes but that attacks often succeed because those processes are not followed. We therefore recommend a proactive and business-led approach to make sure our clients operate securely in cyberspace while taking advantage of its many opportunities.

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