Providing indispensable IT in a harsher world

it-leadership-ammc   AMMC designs IT organisations that deliver efficiency, customer focus and agility – making IT an indispensable asset to businesses. We understand how to implement the required changes, focusing on the cultural and behavioural issues to deliver sustainable transformation and tangible benefits.

In the current uncertain economic climate, there is constant pressure on IT organisations to reduce costs through outsourcing, shared services or headcount reductions. There are also technical opportunities to deliver this through cloud technologies or procuring software as a service (SAAS).

However, these technologies offer IT organisations much more than just the opportunity to reduce costs. The ever-increasing importance of IT in delivering 

consumer services means IT organisations should also play a key role in developing new products and services, and in underpinning the customer experience effectively through great service.

Companies also require IT transparency and agility to support smarter ways of doing business and to bring on board new services and products that generate new revenue. This puts a lot of pressure on the IT organisation to be responsive in the way it analyses requirements, develops solutions and implements change.

By understanding the cultural and behavioural elements of IT, as well as the technical processes, AMMC helps clients create indispensable IT organisations through:

  • IT Target Operating Models: we help our clients design IT functions that are effective and efficient in delivering services and customer-focused in their behaviours and culture. Our IT Target Operating Model approach ensures that the processes, organisation structure, governance and cultural aspects are all considered to deliver the complete picture.
  • Transformational Change: we focus on cultural and behavioural issues in delivering IT Transformation – over and above the technical and process-driven aspects – to deliver a sustainable difference.
  • Performance Improvement: we combine recognised best practices such as service management (including ITIL®), Lean, maturity assessments (CMMI) and governance (including COBIT®) to address poorly performing IT rapidly and effectively. We have a large number of accredited practitioners who have worked with clients and vendors across both public and private sectors; providing an unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise.

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