Providing innovative solutions to new business challenges

innovative-solutions-ammc   AMMC Consulting has a clear track record of helping companies deliver innovative, smart solutions built on modern technologies such as cloud, mobile or big data to support today’s fast moving business environment, cost-effectively.

In this challenging and volatile environment, CIOs are facing increasing demands from CEOs and senior business executives for the rapid deployment of agile, innovative technical solutions to meet the demands of a fast-moving business. Yet these demands have to be met in a context where costs and staffing have been cut and where the basics of the business still need to be maintained.

AMMC offers a full lifecycle of services from horizon scanning to concept development to design and delivery including:

Inspired thinking: Our dedicated Innovation unit which helps clients identify both short and long-term technology trends through horizon scanning and our FutureWorlds approach, which from a practical perspective, helps organisations understand how these trends, individually or combined, will affect their business operations

Bringing ideas to life: Concept development and prototyping skills to help you formulate and visualise early ideas and support the business case stage. We also invest our own money in R&D activities in new technologies and ideas.

Deep technical expertise: A team of leading software engineers with in depth technical knowledge of cloud development, mobile technologies (iOS, Android and HTML5), Social collaboration and Business Intelligence to support your delivery projects.

Delivery aligned to your values: We believe that it is right that we are measured on results and achieving the outcomes you desire, which is why we are happy to offer service based pricing, risk and reward models or outcome based pricing - another way of looking at technology innovatively.

To explore how AMMC can help you develop cost-effective and rapid technological solutions to create a smarter business, please contact us now .