Using business intelligence and analytics to improve performance

business-intelligence-ammc   In an economic climate where business leaders are expected to deliver more for less, they must also gain insight into their customers and products from diverse data sources and comply with growing regulatory pressures. AMMC uses business intelligence (BI) to help clients identify new markets, understand customers, manage profitability, cut costs, monitor risk, model scenarios and manage performance.

Smart organisations that understand how to capture and analyse information from large volumes of complex data (big data) are in a strong position to meet these challenges.

Our expertise in BI techniques and approaches is reinforced by our understanding of individual sectors. We also have the technical proficiency 

required to provide industry-leading advice on mobile and cloud technologies, enabling employees to access information in all environments.

We have used BI to help organisations achieve the following:

  • Reduce costs and improving efficiency

We used BI to deliver a new IT service management model to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

  • Manage regulatory compliance

To demonstrate that a client’s business decisions were based on the same information it used for regulatory reporting, as demanded by SOX,

  • Effectively manage information

We used real-time analysis to help identify critical business issues and improve the identification of critical issues.

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