Developing ground breaking strategies


AMMC Consulting helps business leaders devise strategies that respond to the threats and opportunities created by a business world which has changed fundamentally.
To succeed, business leaders will need to make radical changes to their strategy. This will not be easy, given the uncertainty over the trajectory of the recovery. However, that uncertainty does not remove the need to act, as the winners will be those who quickly find a way through the confusion.

The current environment is creating a business landscape unlike any we have seen before. However, there are opportunities for organizations that can rise to the challenge.

AMMC provides a full range of strategy services to meet the challenges of a tougher world, including:

  • Growth strategy: we help distinguish between good, sustainable, profitable growth and bad, nearsighted, value-diluting growth whether by acquisition, organic expansion or new market entry
  • Turnaround strategy: AMMC has extensive experience of developing turnaround approaches in short timescales and under intense board pressure, including divestment or exit plans, de-mergers and cost reductions
  • Business unit and corporate strategy: whether a business is facing long-term challenges or short-term imperatives, we conduct competitive analysis, define pricing tactics and develop product and customer portfolio strategies.

To find out how we can help you develop a strategy for success in uncertain times, contact us now