Delivering top-class marketing and customer focused strategy


AMMC Consulting supports both public and private sector organizations in understanding their customers, maximizing market opportunities and creating a strong marketing and customer strategy which responds effectively to the overall business direction and priorities.

As budgets are slashed, expenditure on marketing and customer strategy is under closer scrutiny. That makes it essential to know how effective your sales and marketing activities are. Understanding, managing and influencing your customers is critical to shareholder value.

This is becoming more difficult as the recession, global competition and technology change the way customers behave. Marketing directors are under even greater pressure to ensure they can provide world-class, compelling marketing and customer strategies.

We have extensive expertise in the media, retail and public sectors. We work to maximize shareholder value by:

  • Enhancing current marketing strategies and processes to improve customer profitability
  • Conducting research to understand who customers are and what experiences are important to them
  • Enhancing current marketing strategies and processes to create further value for customers
  • Developing clear and pragmatic solutions to marketing challenges, including creative propositions, 'real-world' customer segmentation models and channel strategies.

To find out how to maximize the value from your marketing strategy, please contact us now