Driving innovative product development and manufacture


AMMC Consulting technology consulting team develops new products for clients across a broad range of sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, communications and electronics, consumer products and transport. We provide a one-stop product development service to clients who wish to take a product to market, from initial concepts, through design and development and into manufacture, supply chain set-up and support. Clients often choose to work with us on a part of the product development process, for which they require specific help.
Effective product development and commercialization is a central driver of business growth. Line extensions and evolutionary development are an important source of revenue and profit to businesses, but the greatest return often comes from revolutionary developments – creating game-changing products and markets using new technologies and service models. By their very nature, these developments tend to be higher risk with higher reward.
We add most value where the development is difficult because it involves:

  • Commercialization of new science or technology
  • Translation of consumer or market insight into a product solution
  • Integration of complex systems – frequently incorporating software, electronics, mechanical and scientific methods
  • Rapid development to capitalize on a market opportunity
  • Highly regulated products or services
  • Products targeted across different sectors, so a broad understanding is essential
  • Specialist skills integrated into the client team.

Our clients select us to help because we excel in collaboratively delivering leading edge technologies and market insights into commercial products. We:

  • Build long-term relationships based on partnerships with clients, jointly addressing risks and solutions
  • Provide access to highly-skilled subject matter experts in a targeted fashion which maximizes the value provided
  • Provide in-house facilities to enable the rapid iterations required to cut the product development lifecycle and provide early feedback
  • Safeguard security when dealing with sensitive commercial or intellectual property
  • Link seamlessly with the rest of AMMC to provide clients with a service that incorporates the best practice from management consulting and technology consulting.

Our latest thinking on the future of the product development process can be found here.
To discuss how we can help your business maximize the benefits of innovative product development, please contact us now.