Developing new ideas and innovation buildup strategies

AMMC Consulting has extensive cross-sector business consulting experience.
This provides our business consultants with a unique perspective into the approaches companies take to create and convert ideas into the new products and services that are essential for growth in a highly competitive economy.
Even through the downturn, companies have continued to invest significant sums in developing advanced technologies and the innovation processes required to deliver new products, processes and services to market. However, despite this investment, a lack of clear insight into future market and scientific trends and ineffective operating models for R&D and innovation delivery, can leave companies falling behind as new technologies and fast-moving competitors shape the market.


At AMMC, we help our clients transform their ideas and innovation performance by combining our technology knowledge with our expertise in strategy creation, product and technology development processes, and organizational development.
Our services are focused on maximizing the growth of our clients’ businesses by:

  • Developing new ideas and innovation buildup strategies: Our proven methodology helps clients define their future innovation ambitions and strategy and develop an action plan for implementation. Our insights into technical, market and customer trends, combined with our proven Future Worlds scenario planning process, provide our clients with high-growth, market-winning product and service opportunities, supported by focused technology development programmes.
  • Improving innovation performance: AMMC’s innovation footprint methodology diagnoses the barriers to successful delivery of new products and services and provides a focus for performance improvement programmes. We work with our clients to: ensure they have the right operating models to align R&D and product development teams with other key functions; provide the tools and processes to accelerate time to market’ and deliver winning innovations that meet customer and consumer needs.
  • Succeeding with open innovation: Accessing world-class technology and expertise from around the world is no longer optional for companies who want to maintain an innovation leadership position. Our work in open innovation helps our clients to develop a clear approach to external collaboration, and provides the tools and capabilities that deliver significant growth opportunities and productivity gains. From technology scouting to development of strategic alliances, our open innovation service supports companies grow through externalization
  • Identifying new opportunities through technology fore sighting: Many companies are focused on improving technologies and products to meet immediate market demands. While this is essential for business today, it often blinds companies to the new technologies emerging from the science base and the opportunities they will create. Our fore sighting programmes create a clear view of the future technology developments that will impact your business and enable a clear strategy for technology acquisition and investment.
  • Creating a culture of innovation: Success is not just about strategy, process and new technology. Without passionate leaders and teams driving innovation, many companies fail to deliver. AMMC’s organizational and cultural change expertise helps to remove the organizational challenges that often paralyze delivery teams and enable innovation leaders to make a real impact.

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