Managing and exploiting IP successfully

intellectual-property-management-ammc  AMMC Consulting has the expertise to help companies create, manage and exploit intellectual property (IP).

IP is at the heart of modern life - without the ability to create, protect and exploit IP, modern businesses would not survive and R&D efforts would be compromised.

As organisations recognise the value of their own intangible assets and seek to develop partnerships with others, clear IP strategies are of vital importance. IP must no longer be an afterthought of the product development department. It is a board-level issue with consequences for shareholder value.

High quality IP is critical to fostering innovation and can set your business apart from its competitors by differentiating you in the eyes of your customers. Selling 


or licensing IP can also provide an important revenue stream at a time when companies are increasingly considering alternative commercial models.

AMMC has a unique combination of deep technical knowledge and experience of the full IP lifecycle from initial R&D strategy and IP creation, through patent filing, to licensing and provision of expert support for litigation.

Our expertise supports clients by:

  • Creating 'game-changing' intellectual property on behalf of our clients
  • Creating value by forging relationships and building partnerships
  • Providing confidential and independent technical support services to evaluate investment opportunities in technology and IP-oriented businesses
  • Performing audits or patent mining exercises to identify hidden gems of IP
  • Supporting litigations by acting as expert witnesses.

Our independent expertise helps organisations, ranging from smaller entrepreneurial companies to multinationals, to nurture and grow their businesses through the identification and exploitation of strategic IP assets.

To find out how we can help you develop and exploit your company’s intellectual property, please contact us now .