Business Growth & Expansion Services


Virtual Business Incubation Program AMMC Consultants assists entrepreneurs and business owners to successfully ‘roll-out’ new business ventures and strengthen existing enterprises. Their program includes:

  • Business mentoring support for business owners
  • Business performance monitoring
  • Business performance evaluation
  • Digital marketing and social media mentoring
  • Assistance and advice for future business expansion and growth
  • Assistance developing and expanding sales and distribution channels
  • Assistance to source investment and other capital for the roll-out and development of business

Our program depends upon the nature of your business and the industry in which you will operate or are already operating. Whether you are Governmental firm, Commercial Corporation, or Charity with industry ventures, we can help in building solid commercial principles and have sustainable monetization capabilities across the entire scope of the venture; this concept is a challenge for most people wishing to enter into the business space
The aim is to enable you to start developing your idea, building your business and helping you develop basics Processes Following are example reports:

  • Identifying business opportunities.
  • Conducting pre-feasibility studies on proposed ventures.
  • Preparing Feasibility Plans to identify critical success factors, financial viability, strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to business proposals.
  • Business Plan development (including Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Personnel and Resource Plan, Operational Rollout Plan, Security Management Plan, )

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