Developing Science and Technology

AMMC Consulting provides technology consulting services to develop technologies from early concepts through to a point where their value can be realized in a product, process or as a piece of well-focused intellectual property.
Our technology consultants carry out analysis, simulation and lab-based testing to identify the best solutions to complex technical problems. We work from the early ideas stage, often creating prototypes ready for commercial validation or market testing.
We create new concepts to feed into our technology development service and also gather ideas from many other sources, including raw science from universities, standards-led requirements, and, of course, our clients’ own innovative ideas.
At AMMC, we deliver de-risked and fully evaluated technology solutions that can generate business advantage for our clients.
The processes involved to get there range from technology evaluation, market research, rapid-prototyping, business planning to detailed testing and trialing.
This is the important first step in a development, providing a managed approach to risk and innovation and enabling funding decisions for a successful business investment.
AMMC has extensive skills in engineering and applied sciences to carry out technology development. Our skills include:

  • Digital and analogue electronics
  • Signal processing
  • Radio engineering
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Clean-tech

To find out how we can help develop science and technology to maximize value for your business, please contact us now.