Business Coaching is a slightly different concept to consulting. Consulting implies identifying a problem within a business and proposing a solution.

Coaching is more about the facilitation of a process so that the clients can self help.

Business Coaching therefore is about the business owner, CEO’s and Executive Managers and coach collaboratively seeking a solution and formulating an action plan. It looks at a broader perspective and helps in the development and implementation of a process to drive the business forward. Consulting on the other hand is more focused around problem solving and the suggestion of specific solutions.

AMMC Business Services will work with your business on introducing worldwide proven systems that will maximize your profitability.

What are the business outcomes?

Improved profitability, increased revenue, better business direction and alignment, less stress on the CEO, greater accountability to performance, more efficient systems and improved business value if the business is sold.

  • Renewed enthusiasm in running the business as it is now linked to a higher purpose, improvements in business value and the chance of selling the business, improved systems and people management and increased profit and revenue.
  • Improvements in staff motivation and morale, staff accountability and KPI targets, staff performance, increased profit and revenue, reductions in staff turnover and risk of employee litigation.
  • New ideas, problem solving, improved management skills, improved team morale and performance
  • Improvements in productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, increased profit and revenue and enhanced valuation of your business

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